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Pop Up is more than just sharing homes. It’s a new way of living. The world has become more connected than before, and the property industry is changing to reflect that as well. With the increasing trend of co-living, we provide an online system to bring the right people together to live as a community.

Our comprehensive platform is created for you to make the most out of co-living and its benefits. Thus, aiding the creation of communities and the formation of close bonds inside shared spaces and homes.

A home within a community. Pop Up adds colour to your community living for both tenants and landlords.

Pop Up offers a solution for tenants wanting a place to call home for the long term. We provide tenants with a unique shared space to live and connect with others.

Enjoy community benefits as we provide you access to public transportation. With just a few clicks, getting to the LRT, MRT or KTM station is a breeze. Share your journey and save cost by carpooling to various destinations as well.

Get together and share facilities in communal spaces like the lounge, library, dining area and more. Offering you all you need while bringing people together for a new experience every day.

We broaden your network and interests with our community classes. Join in on all the fun and healthy living with group exercises, cycling, cooking classes, yoga classes, drawing lessons and more.

To provide a co-living environment with a safe, harmonious and integrated living community.

We are passionate about creating solutions and fulfilling the needs of people looking for a property. We strive to innovate and cultivate people-minded business with our online to offline community services. From properties, transportation and beyond, it is our goal to reach further and expand our horizons. To this end, our missions are:

With the vast disparity between median incomes and property prices in Malaysia, the people have become sceptical about the idea of buying property. This has led to oversaturation and overhang of value for properties in Malaysia. Thus, Pop Up offers an excellent solution to overcome the growing problem.

Pop Up provides a community ecosystem that benefits both tenants and property owners. We offer a platform that connects people to properties, giving them more affordable options for safe and happy living. Our services allow property owners and tenants to benefit from the community ecosystem mutually and ensuring that the property economy improves over time.

At Pop Up, we recognise housing as a basic human right and its fundamental impact in our lives. Let us work together to provide balance in the market for safer, reliable and affordable housing options.

Join the community at Pop Up. No matter what stage of life you are at, you can be a part of our neighbourhood community.

Suitable for fresh graduates and job seekers looking for a place to stay after moving away from their families and hometown. With the thrills and challenges of unfamiliar surroundings, we offer them an affordable and safe room for rent.

We offer decent and comfortable accommodations for adults in their dream jobs and settling into the first part of independent living. Whether you’re single or getting into a serious relationship, we have rooms and units for your needs.

For adults looking for spacious rooms or units, we have multiple options for single adults or those with a family of their own. Consider our large master bedroom or bigger units for all your needs as your living zone expands with your family.

Spend out your glorious years with community members of the same age group. For retirees or post-retirees, stay with your family and connect with people in the community to occupy your leisure days.

We provide a premier living atmosphere by following the best concepts. We know how to set up an ideal housing or renovate it to maintain new home ideologies. As such, we apply a similar concept to Muji’s philosophy of minimalistic yet fulfilling furnishing – combination style, comfort and functionality.

We intend to ignite the spirit of communal living where everyone is welcome to stay in a close-knit community and form strong bonds with each other. You can have the freedom to stay alone in a private room, share a space with a good friend or an entire home for the family with a master bedroom or the whole unit.

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